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About Us

Arcadi Kolchak, Author

Arcadi Kolchak was inspired by the tragic loss of his beloved family dog, which the family had little to remember him by. Wanting to immortalize the memory of his own beloved pet rabbit, Fitz, who had recently developed cataracts, Arcadi combined his love for story-telling, poetry, and art into a pandemic project, “Fitz the Food Fanatic.” He plans to continue his efforts in sharing his love for pets with the world through additional poetic tales of the furry little friends we cannot live without.

May Chinavanichkit, Author

May Chinavanichkit received her Food Science degree from Cornell University in 2013 and worked in the food industry for numerous years before transitioning to Tech. She grew up with a one-eyed golden tabby cat named Tong. When Fitz came into her life in 2020, she could not help but fall for this adorable furry little bun. As a food fanatic herself, May is excited to share her love of food with the world and teach kids about healthy vegetables through fun stories.

Deanna Chung, Illustrator

Dr. Deanna Chung received her veterinary degree from UC Davis in 2021 and currently works at a private veterinary hospital in California. Deanna is passionate about teaching people how to properly care for their furry, scaly, and feathery friends and enjoys the unique challenges that they bring into a hospital. "Fitz the Food Fanatic" is her first published work, and she hopes to illustrate more pets in future books to come. She lives with her housemates and her beloved cat, Georgi.

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